Name records in <meta>

When you want more <meta name> records from the HTML than the limited list offered by the "classic" meta extraction, you can ask for (any subset) of the full name table. It includes all <meta> elements which have both a name as a content attribute.

For some pages, this output is huge. There are also groups of names which may be of your only interest. Please specify which fields you like to get. A long list of names is described on WhatWG.

Produced data-structure

The name attributes are unique. Both name and content get leading and trailing white-space removed. Internal white-space sequences are replaced by 1 blank.

The structural output looks like this in JSON. The field names are in random order.

     "description" : "This is my first website",
     "generator" : "Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware -",
     "msapplication-config" : "themes/base_files/favicons/browserconfig.xml",
     "twitter:card" : "summary",
     "twitter:description" : "This is my first website",
     "twitter:domain" : "",
     "twitter:site" : "my first website",
     "twitter:title" : "Visit my site!",
     "viewport" : "width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"