Filter on status

The HTTP-response status in the Product may differ from "200 OK". By default, you will only see those. However, pipelines may also process failures and redirects.

This filter can be configured to select based on abstract names or numeric HTTP response codes. The abstract names are:

  • info, informational status codes 1xx
  • success, successful status codes 2xx
  • redirect, redirection status codes, 3xx
  • error, any error status code, 4xx and 5xx
  • client_error, the server thinks the crawler has a problem, codes 4xx
  • server_error, the server has internal problems, codes 5xx

Hit information

When you want details about the status in your metadata, the format is

{ "rule": "response status",
  "code": 200

The Hit information will not refer to the abstract names when used to configure this filter.